14 October 2015

Mecuir - Batugade - Lotan



The walkers had a slow morning in Mecuir today, possibly due to last night's party. They started walking around 08.30 AM local time, heading for Batugade at the border with Indonesian West Timor. On their way, the team lit some candles on the road, where a serious traffic accident had happened quite recently. They reached Batugade by 12.00 in the afternoon and had a good meal.



A journalist called from the Australian ABC Radio, and had an interview with Francis and Sisto. The broadcast will be in Australia on the 16th of October. Sadly, we don't know what time the broadcast will take place.



After the break in Batugade, the team decided to continue walking until half-way between Batugade and Balibo. They found a nice place to spend the night, the remote village Lotan. They sat and talked with the villagers and went to sleep at one of the traditional houses.


Speech: Senator Nick Xenophon

Senator Nick Xenophon delivered a speech in the Australian Senate on the 40th anniversary of the Balibo Five murders. The Senator also mentioned and quoted the Walk against Impunity.

"As I speak, members of the East Timorese civil society and some of their international friends are involved in a five day walk against impunity..."

Watch the whole speech on YouTube (speaks of the Walk at 7.50 min)



Walk against Impunity

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