Day 2

12 October 2015

Liquica - Maubara - Loes



After a successful first day and a night of camping on the beach at Liquica, the team now consists of seven walkers. They started this morning at 06.15 AM local time, on their way to Maubara.

The walkers arrived in Maubara around 10.30 AM. They visited Forte de Maubara, which was built in 1756 when the Dutch VOC was controlling the area. The Fort still contains the original cannon and is quite well preserved.

 Read about Dutch colonial history of Maubara 



After Maubara, the walkers continued to Loes where they arrived around 19.00 local time. Francis was delighted to see many little restaurants here. They had a good meal and a good rest, as it had been a seriously long walk today. They found a place to spend the night close to the bridge over the Loes River (Rio de Lois).



In the evening, they received a phonecall from Dili-based LUSA journalist Antonio Sampaio, for a short conversation about the Walk against Impunity, based on the media-release that he had received through email.

Read the article on the Portuguese RTP website
"Holandes caminha de Dili a Balibo para lembrar 40 anos da morte de jornalistas"


Walk against Impunity

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