Day 3

13 October 2015

Loes - Aidabalaten - Berita - Mecuir


Departure from Loes

The walkers are doing well after yesterday's long walk, good meal and good rest. They left Loes at 07.30 AM local time and crossed the Rio de Lois (Loes River), heading for Aidabalaten.

Passing through Aidabalaten and Berita, the walkers found that the word about the Walk against Impunity is spreading. In some villages people were actually waiting for them alongside the road to greet them, thank them, have a discussion with them, ask questions about West Papua and Maluku, and to wish them good luck for the remaining walking-days.



See the article in Tetum at the Timor Agora website.



The walkers decided to continue walking, ahead of the schedule, and arrived in the village Mecuir around 18.00 local time. They were welcomed warmly, had a shower at a school building, where they could also spend the night.

Meanwhile, there was a party in Mecuir, and people were dancing tebe-tebe. All fatigue and sore legs forgotten, the walkers joined the party. But parties in Timor-Leste usually keep going until sunrise, so eventually the walkers had to give up and get some sleep for the next day... while the music and the laughter of the party continued...


Walk against Impunity

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